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Collaboration Promotes Growth

Our Mission

Welcome to Fête: An Event Coworking Community!

The event industry is one of the most thriving industries in the country. With so many more people becoming entrepreneurs and choosing the event industry for their entrepreneurial journey, we have a flourishing network of professionals all around us! That being said, one of the things I know entrepreneurs in this industry wish they had most is more access to vendors and resources around them. That prompted me to want to start a community for us to mix and mingle with other vendors, share ideas and hacks, and build a community amongst ourselves because ultimately collaboration promotes growth.

The purpose of any coworking space is to create a community of like-minded people in order to generate better ideas, foster community and improve productivity and efficiency. These benefits can absolutely apply to entrepreneurs in the event industry as well! Whether you are a new event planner look for a mentor, a cake designer looking for event planners to partner with, a prop maker or balloon artist looking for other artist to collaborate with and share ideas, this coworking community is perfect for you! We want to keep the energy of this community one of positivity, creativity, collaboration, development and growth, and hope that all members actively contribute. 

Be sure to take time and browse the site! The shop is full of tools, templates and classes to help take your event business to the next level. Our blog has insightful business content from a host of our members (for free). Fête Forums is an event series designed with skill development in mind, and our discussion board helps foster healthy discussions and idea sharing.

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